Nassim Taleb: Almost all Bitcoiners are complete idiots

Nassim Taleb, author of „Skin in the Game“, got into a small dispute on Twitter in which he explained that most investors cannot understand the nuances of a crypto currency like Bitcoin.

According to a tweet posted by Nassim Taleb on June 21, Bitcoin (BTC) is a good idea, but „almost all bitcoiners are complete idiots.

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Taleb was exchanging messages with self-described „Bitcoin maximalist“ Giacomo Zucco. Zucco questioned Taleb’s views on the imposition of central planning by bureaucrats and politicians, and his interlocutor said that „no skin in the game“ is the best risk management strategy.

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The former Wall Street trader-turned-risk engineering professor has labeled himself a localist, a „libertarian for the upper echelons of central government.

Liberal views on Bitcoin

Despite the pressure from many countries to create digital central bank currencies, there are many in the cryptcoin community who see Bitcoin as a way to break with traditional financial establishments.

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Some early adopters of BTC like Roger Ver have been strong advocates of libertarian economics. Cointelegraph also reported in April that a group of libertarian experts criticized the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for exaggerating regulations in an apparent attempt to regulate cryptomonies.